Welcome, my name is Daniel Farrow and I am a User Experience, Game Developer and Software Engineer with a broad web and multimedia development background. For over 15 years, I have had extensive exposure to the entire spectrum of these highly dynamic domains. My goal is to help clients design and develop effective, delightful experience solutions to address user needs and solve business challenges. I am interested in exploring how product development/design, data visualization, game development, and software engineering all intersect with the user experience.

My current primary project is working as the Principal Unity Engineer on Placebo Effect, a 3rd person inner-space shooter game for Windows, Mac, and iOS which is being developed by my company, Rapt Interactive. Placebo Effect will be release Q2-2019 on the Steam Store.

User Experience

Data Visualization

Game Development

Web Development



User Experience

I have been incorporating User Experience engineering activities into my work for over 10 years. I have experience working with internal and external clients to identify requirements (that meet both business and user objectives) and then translate these into visual prototypes and architecture concepts. I conduct user research including user interviews, surveys, on-site contextual inquiry visits, and on-site/remote user testing of prototype designs. I have developed proto-personas and performed user task/journey analysis in order to understand the nature of the business problem that we are trying to solve. I have worked closely with users, customers and a cross functional internal team (including product managers, development, quality assurance, sales/marketing, maintenance/support, and executive team) to conceptualize and design application user interfaces, navigation, and user task flows. I then coordinate with graphic designers, developers and QA personnel to implement these designs. I also serve as an evangelist for user-centric design practices inside my organization, providing guidance on best practices and giving presentations on user experience topics.

I am also currently pursuing my Master of Science in Experience Design from Northeastern University, to be completed Spring 2020.

User Analysis & Testing

Information Architecture

Interaction Design

Data Visualization

Data Visualization is an exciting field that is really becoming more and more needed across various domains. I have been working on telecom analytics applications for the last 4 years which relied heavily on the D3.js visualization library and have also taken a course at Northeastern University of data visualization concepts (which also used D3.js). I have also undertaken some academic projects that utilized the Processing 3 visualization framework to create gesture based graphical installations.

Game Development

Game development is a passion of mine, particularly using the Unity3D Platform. I started in this area by creating educational Flash-based games for customers such as Discovery Education several years ago. More recently, I have been working as Pricipal Developer on the Unity3D-based game project "Placebo Effect", currently set for Q1 2019 release, check out Placebo Effect on the Steam Store. I have been involved in many aspects of game development, from initial concept/design, 3d modelling/texturing, level design/building, programming and testing.

Web Development

I have spent a good portion of the last 15 years doing extensive front-end HTML/JavaScript/CSS and general multimedia development. I have experience with hands on HTML, JavaScript, CSS and pixel accurate PSD to valid, clean HTML conversion. I also have over 10 years of experience in server side development including Java, JSP, PHP, ASP.NET, MS SQL Server, MySQL, Oracle, etc. I have over 6 years of experience managing global web application project teams through the entire software development life cycle. This includes working with internal and external clients to determine functional requirements/user stories, budgets, and time-lines as well as developing system architectures and leading teams of developers through a project build via Agile Software Development methods.


I am just polishing up the new portfolio, for now you can view my legacy Portfolio.


Professional Summary

I am a User Experience Engineer, Game Creator and Software Developer with a background in user analysis & testing, information architecture, interaction design, full-stack web/game development, data visualization, 2D/3D design and project management. I use evidence-based research, systems thinking and design thinking techniques to iteratively ideate, prototype, build and test products for people.

Skills Summary

  • User Experience: User Interviews, Field Studies/Observation, Surveys, Personas, Journey Maps, Lo/Hi Fidelity Wireframes, User Testing, Information Architecture, Interaction Design, Ideation Sessions, etc.
  • Gaming: Unity3D, 3ds Max, Substance Painter, Polycruncher, Marvelous Designer
  • Design: Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, After Effects, Premiere, Audition, InDesign, XD, Sketch, Balsamiq, Axure
  • Data Visualization: D3.js, Processing, Three.js
  • Web: JavaScript, Angular, React, Ember, jQuery, Node, NPM, Bower, Grunt, Webpack, Karma, Protractor, Bootstrap, Foundation, WebGL, etc.
  • Languages/Frameworks: JavaScript, Java, C#, ASP.NET, JSP, PHP, etc.
  • Databases: MS SQL Server, PostgreSQL, MySQL, SQLite, etc.


M.S., Experience Design (Graduating April 2020)
Northeastern University - Boston, MA

B.S., Computer and Information Science
Drexel University - Philadelphia, PA


Empirix, Inc.
UI/UX Director
Billerica, MA
2014 - 2019

Evangelize for a user-centric culture across the organization, align UX team goals with business strategy. Lead user research efforts including user/customer interviews, contextual research visits, user surveys, etc. Provide proto-persona development, goal/task analysis, journey/scenario analysis. Provide heuristic user experience evaluation of existing products to determine where best practices can be applied and enhancements made. Provide analysis of research findings and present to product managers, developers, quality assurance, sales/marketing, support/maintenance and executive team. Provide information architecture analysis and redesign for complex applications, integration of various products into a unified product suite. Mock-up potential user interfaces at various levels of fidelity (pencil sketches, Visio wireframes, interactive Balsamiq mockups, pixel-accurate Photoshop mockups, interactive HTML prototypes, etc). Provide user testing of mockups at various levels of fidelity, observe users attempting to complete goals in order to determine opportunities to improve design. Develop web sites and on-premise web applications using HTML5, Bootstrap, jQuery, AngularJS, EmberJS, NPM, Bower, Grunt, Gulp, OpenAM, Java/JSP, Tomcat, TomEE, SUSE Linux, Apache, PostgreSQL, MySQL, MS-SQL, etc.

Streaming Media Application Development Director
Boston, MA
2010 - 2014

Lead the development efforts for Multimedia Webcasting Solutions at NASDAQ OMX by working with local and global resources. Work with business product owners and end users to determine highest value features needing implementation. Use Agile Software Development methods to deliver value to customers. Help create/estimate User Stories, participate in Backlog grooming and Sprint planning/retrospectives, act as Scrum master on daily Scrum meetings. Build software for delivery of live/on-demand streaming media presentations to Windows, OS-X, Linux, iOS and Android devices for top-tier clients. Extensive experience in on-line webcasting and streaming media delivery platforms including Windows Media, Flash Media, HLS/HDS, and HTML 5 Video. Responsible for application system design/architecture to meet functional, performance, reliability, maintenance, scalability, and security requirements. Extensive hands-on development of web-based applications using ASP.NET (3, 3.5, 4), ASP.NET MVC (3, 4), Castle Windsor, NHibernate, ColdFusion (8, 9), PHP (5), Eclipse, Visual Studio 2008-2012, ReSharper, MS Team Foundation Server, WebStorm, etc. Design, develop and administer SQL Server 2008, MySQL and Oracle databases. Develop with JavaScript frameworks such as jQuery, JavaScriptMVC, D3.js, Backbone, Mustache, EJS, swfObject, swfAddress, etc. Extensive experience with concise, semantic HTML/CSS development and cross-browser issues. Experience with Rich Internet Application technologies such as Adobe Flex and Microsoft Silverlight. Continually keep abreast of emerging trends/technologies.

Brownstein Group
Web Development Director
Philadelphia, PA
2008 - 2010

Lead the development efforts and manage the web development team at the Brownstein Group. Mentor and train junior developers and create procedures/processes to facilitate Brownstein Group development efforts. Coordinate and manage external vendors and consultants to deliver technology solutions. Help develop pitches, proposals, budgets and timelines for client projects. Develop/review creative concepts for interactive applications/interfaces. Interface with both technical and non-technical clients to gather requirements, facilitate projects, etc. Develop functional requirements specification documents for client projects. Develop test plans for client projects. Develop web applications using HTML, CSS, JavaScript, ASP.NET (C#.NET, VB.NET), JSP, Java, PHP 5, Flash (ActionScript 2 & 3), XML, XSLT, AJAX, AHAH, JSON, etc. Design and administer databases using SQL Server 2000/2005, MySQL, SQLite. Experience with JavaScript frameworks such as jQuery, YUI, MooTools, swfObject, swfAddress, etc. Experience with ActionScript libraries such as Tweener, TweenLite, Papervision 2, etc. Experience with Rich Internet Application technologies such as Adobe Flex and Microsoft Silverlight (including custom component development). Manage and administer multiple IIS web sites running under Windows Server 2000 and Windows Server 2003, Apache 2.1, Tomcat, etc. Set up and administer version control systems (CVS) for our development team. Develop custom-built and off-the-shelf Web CMS solutions (such as Ektron CMS400.NET, Umbraco, SilverStripe, etc.). Construct on-line eCommerce sites utilizing existing ASP products (such as Volusion, Network Solutions eCommerce, etc.). Research and learn new technologies to help clients achieve their technology objectives.

Digitas Health
Senior Developer/Tech Lead
Philadelphia, PA
2006 - 2008

Lead project teams of developers to build web applications using XHTML, ASP.NET (1.1, 2.0), VB.NET, JavaScript, C#, CSS, Flash, Flex, ActionScript (2 & 3), XML, XMLHttpRequest. Develop applications utilizing dynamically created graphics from the System.Drawing package. Use Photoshop, Illustrator, Freehand and Fireworks to create graphics for web and desktop application projects. Develop kiosk and tablet based multimedia applications using Flash and the .NET framework. Develop timelines and requirements documents for client projects. Work with all parts of the organization (business stakeholders, account managers, subject matter experts, information architects, copywriters, graphic designers, etc.) to deliver collaborative solutions. Participate in Digitas mentorship programs and help develop junior team-members.

Vital Signs (Now part of GE Healthcare)
Web/Multimedia Developer
Bensalem, PA
1999 - 2006

Design user interfaces for web sites and CD/DVD based multimedia projects for both Windows and Macintosh platforms. Use Macromedia Director, Flash 8 and Flash Communication Server for multimedia development. Communicate with clients through all phases of a solution from initial sale through project life cycle. Develop wire frame prototypes of web/multimedia products. Create web pages using Macromedia Dreamweaver, Microsoft Visual Interdev, Visual Studio.Net, XHTML, JavaScript, XML, CSS, ASP, ASP.NET, VB.NET, PHP, and PERL. Design and develop educational games and multimedia applications using Macromedia Flash and Director. Use Adobe Photoshop, Freehand and Fireworks for web graphics. Create web media using Cleaner XL, Sorensen Squeeze. Design database schema (MS SQL Server, Oracle 8), implement using SQL, Golden32, ERwin, ModelMart. Use 3D Studio Max for 3D modeling and animation. Perform video camera operation, video editing and motion graphic design using Adobe After Effects, Premiere. Perform Windows 2000/XP and IIS Administration to support web projects. Perform development, technical support, and project management tasks on multiple simultaneous projects. Develop reports using WebTrends Log Analyzer. Developed usability testing methods according to the Usability Engineering Life Cycle (including user task analysis, observation and surveys) to support the software development group. Train colleagues in use of web and graphic software/technologies.